Turkey - Pastured Orlopp Bronze, Whole

Turkey - Pastured Orlopp Bronze, Whole

Available Fresh October 9, 2020, Frozen after Oct 12, 2020
$6.00/lb. Avg. 22 lb.
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The Orlopp Bronze Turkeys are an old heritage breed that sport dark meat meat throughout- somewhat similar to duck. 

Our premium pastured Turkeys are one of our ranch's signature products!  Turkeys raised on pasture grow slower, and consume an impressive amount of their diet in greens- various grasses, alfalfa, dandelion leaves, etc.  Our turkeys simply taste like turkeys should- bursting with flavor, not to mention all the health benefits of pastured poultry!  Turkeys will be available fresh Friday October 9, 2020 (the Friday prior to Thanksgiving), or frozen after.  Please specify (in the notes section at checkout) your size preference, if you'd like it fresh or frozen, and when you’d like it.


Pasture and whole grains we mill ourselves!