Eco Valley Ranch

     Eco Valley Ranch is a holistically managed family farm, direct marketing grass fed beef and lamb, as well as pastured pork, turkey, chicken, and eggs.  Our motto is “Nutrient dense food raised in harmony with nature”. 

     Nestled in the Little Bow River valley approximately 50 km NE of Lethbridge Alberta, Eco Valley Ranch is uniquely situated, nearly surrounded by a large buffer zone of native prairie, minimizing contamination from adjacent non-organic farm chemical zones.   

     Eco Valley Ranch is committed to “Ecologically Enhancing, Regenerative Agriculture” practices; fully convinced that our own health begins at the microbial level in our soil- healthy, functioning soils= healthy plants= healthy animals= healthy humans.  This is accomplished through minimum soil disturbance and exposure, zero chemicals or synthetic fertilizers, integrating both plant and animal diversity, and controlling the herd impact of ruminants to drive the biological cycles of water and nutrition.  Sustainable is not enough- we must be ecologically enhancing our whole biome, of which we, the stewards are part of, and have the greatest influence in!

     Here at Eco Valley Ranch we have a strict protocol of zero pesticides, insecticides, nematicides, fungicides, herbicides, growth hormones, vaccines, antibiotics, de-wormers, de-lousers, or any routine medication, etc. and are GMO free.

   Our 100% forage fed beef and lamb are raised on pasture year round, mimicking nature in seasonal birthing and late term weaning, implementing AMP intensive rotational grazing to provide a vibrant diet of grasses, legumes and forbs, letting nature provide a robust immune system. 

   Our pastured pork and poultry are raised in season on the same array of pasture as the herbivores, and balance their diet of chemical free local grain with succulent greens.  Pork and poultry are completely soy free (and sunshine full).   Laying hens thrive on pasture in the growing season, and chill out in a greenhouse with no supplemental light for the winter.

    Ethically raised, locally processed meats brought right to your door, Eco Valley Ranch direct markets nutrient dense, foundational foods with a transparency that you can trust.  Our goal is to establish long term relations with satisfied customers who value what we produce, and the way we do it.  Visitors are always welcome!